ACH580, 0.75 to 500 kW

The new ACH580 drives come with a range of advanced features, such as a new primary settings menu that makes commissioning the drives much easier and faster. Bluetooth connectivity offers improved accessibility for drives in remote areas and increases safety by letting users stay out of arc flash zones.

ACH580 series

Leading the way in HVAC drives

Comfort. It’s something we take for granted in the buildings we live and work in. But comfort requires efficient systems to control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to ensure the air we breathe is pure and the temperature is comfortable. We also need to ensure air quality and safety in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way in both normal and mission-critical situations.

For half a century, ABB has been leading the way in optimizing HVAC systems using drive control to ensure that you can take comfort for granted. The new ACH580 series of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) provide the quality, reliability, and energy savings you expect, and are easy to use and safe to maintain. All you need to do is to set the drive up, and then focus on what counts.

The next step in HVAC drives

The new ACH580 drives come with a range of advanced features, such as a new primary settings menu that makes commissioning the drives much easier and faster. Bluetooth connectivity offers improved accessibility for drives in remote areas and increases safety by letting users stay out of arc flash zones.

Simple to select, install and use
All the essentials – such as chokes, EMC filters, cabling clamps, certified BACnet communication, and enclosures from IP21/UL (NEMA) Type 1 to IP55/UL (NEMA) Type 12 – are a standard part of the drive, simplifying selection, installation, and commissioning.

Safe maintenance
The new packaged disconnect solution provides a main disconnect switch, further increasing safety for people working on air-handling units.

Motor control options to meet your application needs
ACH580 drives can be integrated with several types of AC motors, even high-efficiency permanent magnet (PM) and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors. Using these motors can reduce your energy costs even more.

Additional I/O options
Take advantage of the added flexibility and accessibility – never be without back-up I/O points at the job site again.

ACH580 drives are ideal for the HVAC fans, pumps, compressors,
air-handling units, and chillers used in hospitals, data centers, shopping
centers, tunnel ventilation, factories, office buildings, and more.

Intuitive control panel

The drive’s HVAC-specific software, intuitive keypad with customizable text, and menu-driven programming simplify setup and operation of even the most complex applications. You can customize the view so that it only shows the information you need, and it automatically saves a backup of your most recent configuration so that it’s always available.

Optional Bluetooth® capability

ABB’s new HVAC Bluetooth control panel lets you commission the drive remotely, safely outside the arc flash boundary. The Drivetune smartphone app allows you to commission and tune the drive from a distance, giving you access to the same primary settings and other menus available on the drive’s HVAC control panel.

Reliable communication

BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU and N2 are embedded in every ACH580. In addition, a wide range of optional fieldbus adapters are available to enable connectivity with all major building automation and control systems.

Harmonic mitigation

The drive provides reduced harmonics with built-in, second-generation swinging
choke technology in a small and lightweight design.

Optional ultra-low harmonics (ULH) for a clean network

The revolutionary ACH580 ultra-low harmonic drive is designed specifically for the HVAC market, minimizing the effect of harmonics on your system. This all-inone solution is fully integrated with the ACH580 platform and leverages the same programming tools, user settings, options, and functions, while providing superior harmonic performance.

Premier air handling

We understand the complexity of air handling systems and the need to produce high levels of comfort, control, and safety. Regardless of the season or external conditions, we help make your system efficient, safe, and informative.

Effortless system startup

The ACH580 ensures a smooth, coordinated start to your HVAC system. Embedded interlock logic enables the drive to confirm that equipment such as dampers are in the right position and sensors are showing the correct status before operations begin. The Drive Composer PC tool simplifies the use of the drive, and the control panel’s primary settings menu and built-in assistants speed up commissioning, allowing basic setup to be completed in minutes.

Increased energy savings

Achieve increased energy savings by using the appropriate motor and drive combination. The ACH580 drive works with induction, PM, or SynRM motors, enabling high efficiencies.

Improved safety

Built-in safety functionality, such as override mode, enables your system to ignore all non-essential faults during emergencies to maintain air quality in the fire exit paths.

The keypad’s optional Bluetooth capability provides an extra level of safety for commissioning and troubleshooting.

Reduced costs

The ACH580 reduces costs, for example by eliminating dependencies on external controllers. The drive can use its internal PID loops to maintain a pressure setpoint by checking the active pressure and adjusting the fan speed accordingly

Improved monitoring and maintenance

Leverage advanced system monitoring, giving you access to data on all aspects of the operation. Use this information to plan maintenance based on the actual needs of the application. For example, with built-in monitoring, the drive lets you know when it’s time to take action if a fan stalls, a belt breaks, a filter clogs, and more.

Precise water flow control

Controlling the flow of chilled water in HVAC systems allows you to regulate temperatures in a building. Pumps, chillers, and cooling towers all need to be coordinated. Your system benefits from motor control that operates as efficiently and simply as possible, with functions designed to keep the flow rate in line with the needs of the chiller and the building.

Motor monitoring prevents problems

Protect your investment with onboard monitoring. Monitor and show trends of key attributes for preventative maintenance.

Protect your equipment

Extend the life of your equipment (e. g. pipes, motors, check valves, and pumps) with intelligent motor control. By starting the pumping system smoothly, you protect the system from pressure surges, and can precisely manage the flow and the pressure.

Energy savings through intelligent control

Intelligent motor control replaces throttle or bypass valves, enabling better control of flow, and resulting in energy savings. In addition, fewer mechanical parts means minimal wear and tear on the system. For additional savings, pair drives with premium-efficiency motors and enable energy optimizer functions to reduce operating costs over the lifetime of the pumping system.

System optimization

As demand fluctuates during the day, the system automatically adjusts. The ACH580 provides optimal pressure when needed, and goes into sleep mode when it’s not. For example, if the chiller shuts off as demand varies throughout the day, the pump can go into standby

ACH580 drives offering

No matter the frame size or power, all ACH580 drives offer ease of use, scalability, and quality.

Wall-mounted drives, ACH580-01

ACH580-01 wall-mounted drives are available in IP21/UL (NEMA) Type 1 to IP55/UL (NEMA) Type 12 protection class with a power range up to 250 kW/350 hp and offer side-by-side, flange, and horizontal mounting options. The IP55/UL (NEMA) Type 12 variants are designed for applications exposed to dust, moisture, vibration, and other harsh conditions. The ACH580-01 is a six-pulse drive that includes a second-generation swinging choke for harmonic mitigation.

Drive modules for cabinet installation, ACH580-04

ACH580-04 drive modules are perfect for system integrators, cabinet builders, and OEMs who want to optimize cabinet design in the 250–500 kW range without compromising on easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. The ACH580-04 module has an embedded choke for harmonic mitigation.

Cabinet-built drives, ACH580-07

Cabinet-built ACH580-07 drives are available with IP21 protection class as standard (with optional IP42 and IP54 enclosures) in frame sizes R6 to R11. The drives feature a new cooling arrangement and a high-quality, global cabinet design. Available in a power and voltage range of 75–500 kW and 3-phase, 380–480 V. ACH580-07 drives always have chokes for harmonic mitigation built-in.

Ultra-low harmonic drives, ACH580-31

ACH580-31 ultra-low harmonic drives help to keep the power network clean. With harmonics mitigation built into the drive, the ultra-low harmonic drive produces exceptionally low harmonic content. This provides significant benefits, including improved reliability and increased energy savings, as well as extended equipment lifetime.

The ACH580 drives series
provides common features
throughout the whole
product family, making it
easy for you to install,
commission, and use them
for your entire installation.

Overcome challenges of harmonics

ACH580 ultra-low harmonic drives have excellent harmonics performance and are perfectly suited for places that cannot handle high harmonic content in the network.

The problem with harmonics

Generators in power plants rotate at constant and regulated speed, resulting in a sine-waveshaped current in an AC grid in the ideal case.

However, in the modern world, the network is not pure sine wave. Electricity networks are affected by harmonics: higher-order oscillations introduced by various types of electrical equipment.

Harmonics in the electrical system can have negative effects, such as overheating or malfunctioning network components, including transformers or other equipment in the same grid. Even with 40% THDi, there is still approximately 35 percent over-dimensioning needed for the transformer.

All-in-one concept for a clean network

ABBʼs HVAC ultra-low harmonic (ULH) drives are designed with built-in harmonic avoidance systems and help your system to meet IEEE519 and G5/4 harmonic recommendations. By equipping the drives with specific features and capabilities, the problems caused by harmonics are avoided in the first place.

There is no need for external harmonic filters or multi-pulse transformers, leading to significant savings in the footprint. Compared to other harmonic mitigation solutions, ULH drives have excellent harmonic performance, ensuring that the current harmonics in undistorted networks and at nominal load are below 3 percent.

ULH drive technology

With an integrated design that leverages drive technology as part of the harmonic solution, there is no risk of nuisance trips due to incompatible components, no need for additional hardware, and no additional cooling requirements.

Lower energy consumption at system level

ABBʼs HVAC ULH drives reach a unity power factor, indicating that electrical energy is being used efficiently. Active power factor compensation allows the ULH drive to improve the power factor of the building grid, while maintaining the unity power factor on the connected equipment.

Reliable operation under special conditions

ULH drives ensure that the motor receives the full voltage, even in low-voltage utility conditions. Thanks to the drives’ capability to provide an output voltage up to 15 percent greater than the supply voltage, applications can overcome voltage drops caused by long supply or motor cables. All this is done without costly additional equipment or oversizing of drive system components.

Other ways of mitigating harmonics

Passive filter equipment must always be sized for the maximum current, but the duration of partial-load operation is very significant. Oversizing gives poor mitigation performance and high running costs when running at partial load. It is also a waste of money, as it does not mitigate harmonics properly under partial-load conditions.

With multipulse transformers, you always need to install additional transformers, and the mitigation level isn’t at the same low level as in a ULH drive.

Of course, needs for mitigation vary and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Common characteristics of the ACH580 drives family

ACH580 series

HVAC control panel with primary settings

  • Primary settings makes commissioning the drive easier than ever before
  • The optional Bluetooth-enabled control panel allows easy smartphone connection and remote support possibilities
  • Easily available USB interface for PC and tool connection
  • Help button for problem-solving

HVAC communication protocols

  • The most common HVAC communication protocols – BACnet MS/TP, N2 and Modbus RTU – as standard
  • BACnet/IP with an internal option

ATEX-certified PTC thermistor support

  • Extensive I/O connections for flexible configuration in various applications
  • Colored terminals for easy configuration

Ingress protection

  • ACH580 drives are available in multiple different IP and UL/NEMA classes. Check the details at the end of this catalogue.

Suitable for various HVAC applications

  • Suitable not only for variable-torque applications like fans and pumps, but also for basic constant-torque applications like compressors
  • Support for induction, PM and SynRM motors

Reliability and quality

  • All units are tested under full load at maximum allowed ambient temperature to verify the quality
  • Printed circuit boards have an extra coating to protect against humid and harsh environments

Harmonic mitigation options

  • The ACH580-01 has swinging chokes as standard for harmonic mitigation.
  • Compliant with IEC/EN61000-3-12
  • The ACH580-31 ultra-low harmonic drive has an even better solution for more demanding environments, with a THDi as low as 3 percent, meaning the ACH580-31 meets even the strictest IEEE519 requirements.