The PSE has been designed to meet the most common requirements from the water segment and is specialized on pump operation. It combines the requested protections with a very compact design and built-in bypass. Remote operation with external keypad or over fieldbus is available as an option.
  • Rated operational current: 18…370 A
  • Operational voltage: 208…600 V AC
  • Wide rated control supply voltage: 100…250 V AC, 50/60 Hz 
  • Voltage ramp and torque control for both start and stop
  • Two-phase controlled
  • Current limit
  • Kick-start
  • Built-in bypass for energy saving and easy installation
  • Coated PCBA protecting from dust, moist and corrosive atmosphere
  • Illuminated display that uses symbols to become language neutral
  • External keypad rated IP66 (Type 1, 4X,12) as an option
  • NEW Built-in Modbus-RTU communication for monitoring and control.
  • Fieldbus communication with Fieldbus plug adapter and the Fieldbus plug
  • Analog output for display of motor current
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Underload protection
  • Locked rotor protection

Secure motor


Basic motor protection and current limit
The PSE includes the most important protections for handling different load situations that can happen to pumps e.g. overload and underload. The current limit gives you more control of the motor during start and allows you to start your motor in weaker networks.

Improve installation


Saving time and money with built-in bypass and compact design
On the PSE, the bypass is built in and verified by ABB, saving you time during installation and space in your panel. The keypad is language neutral and illuminated for easy set-up and operation in field. The compact design makes installation fast and easy.


Increase application


Torque control for the elimination of water hammering in pumps
Torque control is the most efficient way to stop a full speed pump. The PSE has a special torque stop ramp that is designed together with a pump manufacturer to eliminate water hammering in an optimal way.

Screw mounting

PSE is fast and easy to install by using screw mounting.

Digital input for start, stop and reset

PSE is controlled through digital inputs using the internal 24 V DC source. This allows easy control with e.g. pushbuttons or relays.

Output signal relays for run, top of ramp and event

Three output signal relays for indicating that the motor is running, that the softstarter is in top of ramp and if any event has happened. The relays can be used e.g. with pilot lights or to control a line contactor.

Clear markings on the front for easy installation

All markings are on the front, making it very easy to read after installation.

LED indicators

  • Green ready LED
    Flashing – Suppy available
    Steady – Main available
  • Green run LED
    Flashing – Ramping up/down
    Steady – TOR
  • Yellow protection LED
  • Red fault LED

Illuminated and language-neutral display with icons

The display on PSE uses icons for fast and easy set-up of parameters. Each icon indicates a different parameter to set and makes navigation and setting of parameters easy. Set-up is done by using the four buttons on the keypad.