ACS355, 0.37 to 22 kW

ACS355 drives are designed to maximize your machine’s availability with drives that are easy to install and setup.

All your machine building needs in one drive.

ACS355 drives.

Little big drives without limiting your business

ACS355 drives are designed to maximize your machine’s availability with drives that are easy to install and setup.

The drive is highly modular and supports a variety of Fieldbus protocols thus providing flexible connectivity. In addition to a broad range of built-in options such as different I/O and communications, a wide selection of external accessories is also available. Wherever your machine is located, the local ABB will be there to support you and your clients.

Flexible performance
Reduce the need for external PLC components with built-in sequence programming providing simple drive control logic. Improve production flow and increase cost savings with built-in features, such as speed compensated stop enabling precision stopping, and patented smooth start for permanent magnet motors.

Quick and easy commissioning
Predefined I/O configurations for application macros and built-in assistants speed up commissioning of the drive, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Compact and uniform design
Compact size, the broadest power range in its class from 0.37 to 22 kW and side-by-side mounting ensure optimized cabinet installation in a wide range of machinery applications, resulting in space and cost savings.

Supported motor types
Same drive can be used for sensorless induction and permanent magnet motor control without a feedback device.

Application-specific product variants
Ensure long life time of equipment and reliable energy supply with a drive for solar pumps including embedded pump-specific features protecting the pump. The high speed variant for spindle applications provides speed controller tuning without use of encoder.

Protection against harsh environments
Increase time and cost savings with NSF certified product variant for IP66/67/69K, UL Type 4X protection classes with no need to design special enclosures for applications that require a high ingress protection against dirt, dust and moisture.

Communication with
major automation networks Optional Fieldbus adapters enable connectivity with major industrial automation networks.

Integrated safe torque off (STO) function up to SIL 3 is a cost-effective and certified solution for safe machine maintenance by fulfilling IEC 61508, EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1 standards. The safety function can also be used to implement Emergency Stop without contactors.

Remote monitoring
With a built-in web server and stand alone datalogger, available remote monitoring options enables worldwide and secure access to drives.

Typical applications

In mixing applications the drive provides a high starting torque. The silent operation mode adjusts the switching frequency of the drive to a higher level after the high-torque start, resulting in lower audible noise. The FlashDrop tool provides a quick and safe way to configure multiple drives for identical mixer applications.

Production lines often have multiple stages, including conveyors, which need to be efficiently linked with each other to provide high production output. A drive provides smooth start and stop of the conveyor, thereby reducing mechanical stress and lowering maintenance costs.

Packaging machine
Packaging machines often require a drive to provide a high degree of repeatability and accuracy during the packing operation. As such, the ACS355 is well suited for packaging duties and also provides good dynamic and static speed control accuracy. Sequence programming enables the drive to perform sequences of tasks, reducing the need for a PLC. Software features include timer, counter, brake control and jogging – all of which can be used in a packaging machine.

Bottling line
When filling the bottles with liquid, bottling lines require a drive which offers high accuracy. The ACS355 is perfect for this purpose, with its good dynamic and static speed control. When dealing with liquids, the ACS355 with a high protection class (IP66) would also be a good choice.

The ACS355 offers high static speed accuracy. When dealing with thin strings like in string winders, it is essential to control the winder speed accurately in order to prevent the strings from snapping. Surface winders, on the other hand, require high static speed accuracy to keep control of the material thickness or tension.