CDD’s sales force plays a key role in defining the right product with the customer and communicating the customer order towards production units. The order specifications are initially defined at the offering phase, but will often be more accurate, or even changed, when placing the actual order. For the production units to deliver motors according to the customers’ specifications and needs, it is important that all information stated in the order is correct, and no relevant information is missing.

Squirrel cage induction motors offer excellent availability, reliability, and efficiency. However, they have two weaknesses: high starting current and lack of smooth speed control over a wide speed range. A motor supplied by a variable speed drive (VSD) – also called frequency converter – usually solves both problems. A VSD-driven motor can be started softly with low starting current, and speed can be controlled and adjusted smoothly according to the application over a wide speed range.

The benefits of VSDs have widely recognized: optimal speed and control accuracy; reduced maintenance thanks to lower running speeds; higher production quality. Accordingly, there is a large number of VSD applications on the market, and approximately one-half of new motor installations include a VSD.