Tmax XT molded case circuit breakers guarantee an extremely high-performance level while being progressively smaller in size, simple to install and able to provide increasingly better safety. The range is complete with four frame sizes: XT1, XT2 up to 160A and XT3, XT4 up to 250A.

High breaking capacity in compact dimensions

XTraordinary limiting characteristics allow savings in copper and footprint in switchboard, high selectivity values and very compact motor protection solutions.

Ease of use and installation flexibility

A dedicated range of accessories and a renewed solution for electronic trip units to adapt Tmax XT to different applications scenarios.

Customized protection and information availability

Specific electronic trip units for energy metering, motor protection and generator protection in addition to a Modbus communication module for integration in a supervision system.

Increased safety for operators

Wide range of keylocks and padlocking options, plug in and withdrawable versions to speed up maintenance operations and improved diagnostic to have ready to use information about breakers’ status.

Distinctive features

SACE Emax 2 is a new series of low voltage air circuit-breakers available up to 6300 A and with the ability to efficiently and simply control electrical installations – from the traditional to the more complex – with minimum impact, the new SACE Emax 2 circuit-breakers represent the evolution of a circuit-breaker into a Power Manager.



SACE Emax 2 air circuit-breakers have been designed to manage, with maximum efficiency, all low voltage electrical installations: from industrial plants, naval applications, traditional and renewable power generation installations to buildings, shopping centres, data centres and communication networks. Achieving maximum efficiency of an electrical installation in order to reduce consumption and waste requires intelligent management of power supplies and energy use. For this reason, the new technologies used in the SACE Emax 2 circuitbreakers allow the productivity and reliability of installations to be optimized, and at the same time, power consumption to be reduced while fully respecting the environment.


The exclusive Power Controller function available on the new SACE Emax 2 circuit-breakers monitors the power managed by the circuit-breaker, keeping it below the limit set by the user. As a result of this more effective use, the peak of power consumed can be limited allowing savings on electricity bills.

The Power Controller, patented by ABB, disconnects non-priority utilities, such as electric car charging stations, lighting or refrigeration units, during the times when consumption limits need to be respected and connect to them again as soon as it is appropriate. When required, it automatically activates auxiliary power supplies such as generator sets. No monitoring system is required: it is sufficient to set the required load limit on Emax 2, which can control any circuit-breaker located downstream, even if it is not equipped with a measurement function. In installations that are already equipped with energy management systems, the load limit can also be modified remotely.

SACE Emax 2 circuit-breakers are equipped with a new generation of protection trip units that are easy to program and read. The Ekip Touch trip units measure power and energy with precision and store the most recent alarms, events and measurements in order to prevent faults to the installation or trip effectively when necessary. On request, the Network Analyzer function is also available, which controls the quality of absorbed power in real-time and with extreme precision. In addition, the innovative Ekip Touch and Hi-Touch trip units in the G version include all the functions of generator protection switchgear, offering a safe control solution that is ready to use. No external devices, wiring or inspections are required.


SACE Emax 2 series circuit-breakers can be integrated perfectly into all automation and energy management systems to improve productivity and energy consumption and to carry out remote service.

All circuit-breakers can be equipped with communication units available for use with Modbus, Profibus, and DeviceNet™ protocols as well as the modern Modbus TCP, Profinet and EtherNet/IP™ protocols. The cartridge-type modules can be easily installed directly on the terminal box, even at a later date.

Furthermore, the integrated IEC61850 communication module enables connection to automation systems widely used in medium voltage power distribution to create intelligent networks (Smart Grids).

Accurate measurements of current, voltage, power and energy are all available by means of the communication modules. The trip units themselves can be used as multimeters that display the measurements available, or the Ekip Multimeter can be connected in the front of the switchgear without the need for external instruments and bulky transformers.

All circuit-breaker functions are also accessible via the Internet, in complete safety, through the Ekip Link switchgear supervision system and the Ekip Control Panel operator panel.

The power and auxiliary connections are optimized to simplify connection to the switchgear. The power terminals, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, have been designed for the most common busbars, while the push-in connections of the auxiliaries ensure immediate and safe wiring.